Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chapter 8 Digging New Potatoes

Digging New Potatoes is like a Treasure Hunt

This morning Nancy and I walked to the garden together. I coaxed her for a walk by telling her the garden had a surprise for her. The tomato plants were leaning over so it was like walking through a jungle. We got to the cucumber patch and she got the idea. I wanted her to search for new cukes. Sure enough she found the slender six inch cucumber that I spotted when watering. She could not believe how fast they are growing. She saves them until she has enough for her canning recipe.

It's time to harvest potatoes when the tops turn brown

On the way back into the house, I looked to my right and realized that my garden next to the house had potato plants that were drying out on top; a sure sign that the potatoes are ready in the ground. I said to her" Hey, its' time to harvest the taters". We excitedly scurried over to the spot and gently pulled the plants out of the ground and began digging with our hands for hidden treasure.

If you have never grown potatoes they grow under ground and you never know how many you will get or how large they will be. We were literally digging for hidden treasure. As you can see in the picture above we did quite well. New potatoes, as they are called, are the most tender potatoes you can imagine; they literally melt in your mouth and they are a true delicacy of the early vegetable harvest. We are planning to save them for a few weeks and take them up to Canada for our family vacation. We want to savor the gourmet quality of our fresh home grown potatoes. I encourage you to grow them next year. I will discuss the soil requirements necessary to grow a decent crop of potatoes in a future post. See you in the Garden.

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