Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chapter 17 A Teddy Bear Christmas

Some years it has taken me quite a while to get into the 'Christmas Spirit'. Not this year. I got my Christmas cards done today; about 25 of them to family.My wife is baking weekly; Swedish rye bread, Lucia buns, Christmas bread yesterday. We do our Advent wreath ceremony each night. The Kitchen has great smells, (all day long on the week-ends) and since I don't have a corporate job anymore, my time is mine with my new business Achieve & Grow LLC. I'm definitely in the Christmas spirit; three weeks early. I love it.

Teddy Bear Bread
This morning I helped Nancy mix the dough (man that's work)for the Teddy Bear bread. Nancy kneaded the dough and later created the shapes that would become Teddy's and put them in the oven to bake. Late afternoon the Teddy Bears came out of the oven. I knew I had to take pictures.

Aren't they darling? Nancy has some pre-schoolers that asked her a few days ago "when are the Teddy Bears coming"? These little five year olds remembered her Teddy Bears. She makes miniature ones for the kids; that means about 8 inches tall. The kids will never forget Nancy's Teddy's. It's her way of bringing real excitement and joy to the little one's. It brings me joy to watch her.

What are your Christmas baking traditions? Send them to me. I'd love to hear from you. See you by the Fireplace.


Brenda Lee said...

Hello cousin John,
this is brenda in KY, arlene's
your teddy bears look yummy.
I'll try to send some garden
I'm not good with this
computer stuff.

Dennis James Deegan CTM said...

Hi, Brenda:

Glad you have taken a look at my gardening blog, 'Deegan in the Garden'. By the way, I am Dennis, John is in Seatlle and Arlene visited him there on his Birthday.

Check out Picasa, a Google service. I find Gmail the best. I look forward to seeing your pictures. Thanks for your comments.

Peenk1 said...

I loved your Christmas blog. I'm in a Christmas community on facebook and we post Christmas things throughout the year. I would like to share your Teddy Bear recipe. I'd actually like to make some myself, too. I love teddy bears. Thanks.