Sunday, October 7, 2012

Kentucky Zinnias Win the Race

How would you like this bouquet of Zinnias on your dining room table as you sit down for a romantic dinner for two tonight? This picture was sent to me by my cousin Brenda Lee. She grew these marvelous specimens way down in  Kentucky. Notice the bright yellow Zinnias. They give such a lovely contrast to the reds and pinks and oranges. 

In early October Brenda said her Zinnia's were still setting buds and blooming. Virtually all but a few of the  Zinnias in the Garden of Deegan are gone. It has been unusually cold this October. 

I have already harvested a good amount of Zinnia seed and placed the stems and dried blooms in the compost heap. I can hardly wait for next Spring to start my Zinnia seed. If you would like to order some Zinnia seed please let me know.     

To  enjoy more gardening wonders check out Brenda's grdening blog Where the Green River Flows  at See you in the Garden. 

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