Saturday, December 22, 2012

Frozen in Time

Frozen in Time is a fitting Violet to introduce to my flower fans a few days before Christmas. It is freezing outside. My door to the deck was frozen shut this morning from the recent snow fall and a little melting that occurred recently.  I never had a violet with these colors. Notice the tips of the leaf are etched in white and the blooms are a faded white with green tints. How unusual, how intriguing to the eye. This flower has bloomed so abundantly for me; it is the rich soil that has made this happen. It is so simple, yet the average house plant person has no clue where to get good soil. You make it. Comment to me if you have questions.  

Here is a closer view of the blooms and the white etching on the leaves. Can you believe how plentiful the blooms are? You too can have abundant blooms. It is so simple a child can do it. Write me to tell me what your experience has been with violets. You might like this blog about African Violets.