Friday, June 7, 2013

Everything is Planted in My Garden

The Vegetable Garden of Deegan

The picture makes the garden  look longer and narrower that it is. In reality the dimensions are about 30 x 11. I am really happy with my soil this year. I ordered a few yards of Super Soil (Humus, Sand & Soil) to enrich the garden a bit and expand the bed by the old bean patch in the rear of the garden. I roto-tilled it well and mixed the new soil with the old. You can just tell when you have good texture to the soil. For some reason black soil just appeals to me as well. This soil remains black.

What is planted in my garden.

What you see from right to left is a row of green peppers, Jalapeno, Pablano,  Broccoli, Tomatoes (including Beefsteak, Cherry, Rutgers and, and heirlooms. I have three rows of green beans and wax beans. I also have a hill of Zucchini and a hill of Cucumbers for canning. I grew a beautiful egg plant for Jackie and Paul. Plus,  we are growing pole beans next to the back and side walls because it is an efficient use of space and we love beans. Nancy freezes them.  Oh, I forgot in the foreground is a row of garlic. I will show another picture of the garlic. We had a great rain the other night and it is just amazing what a good soaking will do.

Something is eating my broccoli.

I had a problem with something eating my broccoli leaves; was dusting with Savin dust but did not seem to solve it. It was suggested it may be slugs. I think I will do as my wife suggested a put out a few saucers of beer tonight. See if I can scare me up some slugs. I also planted a row of ageratum; extras that I had. It is always nice to have some flowers near the garden; adding a little color for atmosphere.

Garlic is fun to grow 

The Garlic is maturing nicely and already going to form seed heads. I usually take some of those seeds and germinate them for fall planting. They get growing this fall and will ripen next summer for harvesting. Garlic is so expensive in the store, it is a treat to grow your own. I just love to experience the glee of not having to pay for the veggies. Of course I pay with my time, but when you enjoy gardening, it doesn't feel like a burden. It is not work to me. More like recreation or therapy.

 Close up of Abe Lincoln, the new heirloom tomato 

It is interesting to note the texture of the leaf is different than regular tomatoes; seems to be smoother and a broader leaf. It is only June 7th and the plant is flowering already. I am very eager to see what the tomatoes look like, their size, color and shape. My Master Gardener friend, Nancy Whisler says this is the 'high fashion' heirloom tomato this year, creating a real buzz in the gardening community. I bought a few heirlooms from Nancy. She grows hundreds of heirlooms each year. I will try to save the seeds from a few tomatoes this year to see if I can keep the chain going. How cool that would be if the seeds performed like an heirloom should, and produced true fruit, a copy of the parent. I can't wait. I also have heirloom beefsteak. If that bears true seed as well, I will be flamboyantly excited. So much to look forward to this year.       


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