Monday, January 4, 2016

It's a New Year: A time of Inspiration and Concentration

Don't listen to the naysayers who talk sarcastically about all the people who make New Year's Resolutions only to fail miserably in achieving them. It is good to dream and good to try.

A new beginning is still a new beginning. Can you imagine if you did not have a new time to plant and cultivate in your garden in the spring time? We need the spring thaw. We need that soil to warm up. We need new seeds to plant. We need high expectations for what the new flowers are going to look like. We need the new. If we can see the fruit of our efforts to change in the garden we can also see the fruit of change in our lives.

The principles to succeed are surprisingly similar. We need seeds, we need new soil, we need to plant, we need to water, we need sunshine, we need to fertilize, we need to pull weeds, we need to prop up growing plants that need support, we need to harvest and we need to share the fruit of our lives. We need to care for the garden we grow just as we need to care for our own growth and development. If we have a plan and work our plan we can change our lives, just as we change our garden. See you in the garden.

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