Saturday, August 21, 2010

Chapter 13 Cockscomb Perennial: A Brilliant Scarlet

A New Perennial: Just what the Doctor ordered

Last summer I was going for a walk in the neighborhood. As usual I was admiring all the flower gardens I came upon. One of the gardens had an unusual flower that I was not familiar with. I wondered what it was.

Finally, on another day the lady of the house happened to be in her yard and I inquired " May I ask what you call this bright red flower?" She replied "It's called Cockscomb". I told her it was quite beautiful and I had never seen it before. I asked if I might be able to get some of the seeds when they are ready. She told me "Take some right now; there are plenty". So I got some seeds. This February I planted at least a dozen seeds. Virtually every seed germinated. What you see above is a first year bloom. The other flowers next to it are called Cone flowers.

Cockscomb is an old, old perennial that seems to be a bit of a secret. You don't see it offered in the greenhouses very often. You may want to consider growing it sometime. The color is so vivid and bright. Deegan in the Garden will have a supply available next year. Just check for Special Offers on my blog. See you in the Garden.


Rita Fielhauer said...

. . . would love to have some seeds from you. Purchased a bouquet of the Cockscomb at a farm market this past weekend. Had never seen them before. They are very unique and striking . . . love 'em!

Digger said...

Hi, Rita:

Thanks for your note.

Striking is a great word. That was my reaction when I saw them for the first time. Are you aware that you can put them in a vase, without water and they will stay colorful and dry out, and be fine all winter. They make great dried flowers. I will send you an email message regarding getting some of my seeds.

See you in the Garden,