Friday, August 31, 2012

Sunflowers at the Church Garden

The Sunflower in this picture was started by seed this May by children in the Gardening for God program, in lieu of Vacation Bible School. I absolutely could not believe how tall the church garden Sunflowers grew. It was our first year of the new garden, and the soil seemed heavy with clay. I worked closely with Ellen Ackerman, the sponsor of the Gardening with God program at Rejoice Lutheran Church this spring and summer. The picture you see is a close up of about a 12 foot tall Sunflower. Gorgeous. The perimiter of this bloom is at least 12 inches. The kids watered weekly and Ellen and I took turns watering as the garden needed it. Since we had a drought a good deal of the summer, we had to water frequently. We hauled containers of water up the hill from the church spigot. This was easier than dragging a hose across the parking lot regularly. What a joy to see these blooms. Soon the birds will feast on the Sunflower seeds.

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