Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lemon Boy Tomatoes yield Sunny Taste

My foray into new tomato territory this year was well rewarded. Lemon Boy yielded a wonderfully shaped round tomato, with bright yellow skin, smooth in texture and marvelous in taste. I honestly feel the taste surpasses some of the heirloom tomatoes. Rich flavor, juicy and meaty. It is everything you want in that fresh tomato taste on your summer BLT's.

I must confess I bought my plants at Kollman's Greenhouse; planted some in my garden and some in a large flower pot. My tomatoes as a rule, do better in the garden where the moisture is more constant. But this year I put one of my Lemon Boys on the landing of my stairway leading to the deck. Because of the partial shade, I was able to hold the moisture pretty evenly and the modest sunlight produced slower growth and I was happy with the fruit.
The second picture includes a simple model of a Canadian Loon and a Lemon Boy tomato. It is fitting that these two are companions in this shot. They both represent nature at its best. What is more beautiful than the a serenading loon at dusk or dawn? And what is more beautiful than a brightly colored fruit, that is fresh, ripe, and scrumptious to eat. The "Good life" is all around us if we have eyes to see it, ears to hear it and palate to taste it. How can anyone enjoy a full life without the fruit that comes from your own garden. See you in the Garden.


Brenda Lee said...

Hello Cousin Dennis,
Here is to "The Good Life"
Peace, Love & He who plants a garden plants happiness :)

Brenda Lee said...

Dear Dennis,
Here is to "The Good Life"
Peace, Love and He who plants a garden plants happiness.

Dennis James Deegan CTM said...

Goethe, the German poet said, "Beauty & Truth, that's all there is and all you need to know"

Indeed, the abundant life.