Sunday, September 2, 2012

Red Ripe Cherry Tomatoes

There are an abundance of cherry tomatoes this time of year. I have a jumbo cherry tomato plant in a large pot on my deck and cherry tomatoes at the Church Garden. They are so delicious. We eat them daily, in salads, or just cut in half and lightly salted. Mmmm. Good! Nancy likes to share with her friends at the Pre School. They love them down there. I also planted some yellow cherry tomatoes that are acid free, yet very tasty. No summer garden is complete without Red Ripe Cherry Tomatoes.
Tips for when to pick. You really have to pick cherry tomatoes when they are orange. If you wait until they are red on the vine you will find they tend to burst. Pick them when they are orange and then let them ripen on a plate in indirect light; not sun-light. Within a day or two they are ready to eat.
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