Saturday, March 30, 2013

First Geranium Bloom a Stunner

This red pelargonium (geranium) is the first bloom from a cutting I made just after Christmas this year. (2012) 

The sun is coming from the back direction of the flower so it almost looks like a solid flower; becoming nearly transparent by the bright sun filtering through the bloom. It mimics the look of a scarlet red poppy from this angle.

This is the first year I started cuttings so early. By the end of  May this plant will be abundant with blooms and buds. It  can be featured in a large flower pot, suitable for display on the deck or patio.  A mature plant costs about $8.00 at the greenhouse. Guess what mine cost me?

I should write a book about geranium cuttings. It is so simple to make cuttings. Learning this technique could bring so much joy to average gardeners. I am amazed at how few people are aware of how to do cuttings.  What would I title the book? I guess I should not disclose my creativity.  I will keep it a secret.   Now is a great time to try your hand at geranium cuttings. (see earlier posts for how-two's)  

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