Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hidden Art

I was cleaning the breakfast dishes today and glanced down  at the dish drainer and happened to see a shiny sparkle on a tea cup. The bright sun was streaming in the kitchen window. I said to myself,  " Oh my, that is a beautiful floral bouquet on the tea cup". I was inspired to get a few more of my favorite tea cups down from the shelf. I thought it might be fun to get a close up of each cup and post them on my blog.  A patch of sun was coming in the dining room and gave me perfect light for the photo.

One of the favorite passtimes of Artists, the world over, is to capture still-life's on canvas. Floral arrangements not only grace the estates of the Royal class but are a very popular image to place on fine china. This practice is a way to pay tribute to the love of beauty. Placing the image on fine china offers a signature opportunity to  approach immortality; a seeming permanent tribute to the artist's talent and the fine china company's good taste.  (Click once on the tea cup for an  enlarged view)

Duchess Fine Bone China England  

                                   Royal Albert Bone China England

Queens Fine Bone  China                                              England Rosina China Co Ltd. Since 1875                                                                      

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