Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's Good to Day Dream

Art can show up in the most unsuspecting places

I almost forgot I took a picture of a napkin at an Iris Society meeting last fall. I was day dreaming today and thought of it.  Last fall we were having  a snack and I looked at the stack of napkins and I said: "Those napkins are too beautiful to dirty". So I got the crazy idea to take a photographs with my handy I-phone. Well, the result is the work of art immediately displayed below. This is your invitation to Day Dream about the Iris bloom this Spring. Usually the bloom peaks the third to fourth week in May, but you never know with the funny weather we have been having. Enjoy Iris and if you do not have any Iris in your garden maybe it is time you planted some. There are thousands of color combinations and several varieties, including Tall Bearded, Dwarf, Siberian and Japanese Iris, to name a few.Some have fragrance and some rebloom Check out the American Iris Society  Facebook page for brilliant examples of this magnificent perennial. Yes, they come back year after year with some basic good gardening care. You owe to your self to display this amazing flower. For more information go to www.iris.org/ or check out the North East Ohio Iris Society web site at www.neoirissociety.com  See you in the Garden.

Double Click to enlarge Artists view  of Tall Bearded Iris

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