Monday, January 21, 2013

Surprising Growth in Ten Days

Geranium Cuttings in January: A New Adventure  

It was a total crap shoot to experiment with cuttings in January. Never before had I tried it this early. Usually I wait for the Spring Growth Spurt when you feel it in the air. Take a look at how much growth I have had on these individual Ivy Gernaiums since January 12, 2013. Today is January 21. The leaves are broadening out, there is a great deal of  new stem growth. I am still using the heating pad underneath the tray so I am certain the warmth is adding the lovely growth pattern I am seeing. I am gleeful with the early results. I have no idea what I am going to do with all these plants in February when there is no room for them to grow. I really must get a heated greenhouse to cool off the temperature during the day. But of course  protect the flowers  from frost at night. I have an interesting challenge to face in mid February.  
 Ivy Geranaiums with established roots

Individual Ivy Geranium with rich green leaves

Below you will see a few flats of pink and red pelargonium cuttings. I am estimating I will get about 65% germination or 20 plants that will grow roots. The cuttings in the foreground were planted on January 20. The Red one you see was planted about two weeks ago. I imagine some of them have started roots.  I told my wife how excited I was with my results thus far. Guess what she said. "I am glad for you". No passion. No thrill. Bummer. Oh well. She is all about enjoying the flowers; not about growing them. That's ok, she is a great cook. You have to be a gardener like me to appreciate what is happening. See you in the Garden. 

 Pelargonium Cuttings20 Pink and 12 Red

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